Our partners and we are always building and organizing something new! Stay tuned for the next exciting features and events coming up in your area!

3 min read

Product update: It's time for all of us to contribute

Starting from May 13th, users on Joberty will get full access to review sections for 12 months, only after leaving a review or filling out the Perfect Match profile.

2 min read

David Schoch Joins Quantox Technology! Entering a New Phase of Development with the New COO

Quantox Technology welcomes David Schoch, a renowned technology expert, as new COO, bolstering strategic vision & operational excellence for continued growth.

3 min read

Perfect Match Upgraded: Now companies apply to you!

With the Joberty Perfect Match System, as a developer, you discover the best position and the best company for you. The company also sees you as the best match for them and gets the opportunity to request a meet with you!

6 min read

A talk with Aleksa Gordić, creator of YugoGPT

We have all heard about ChatGPT, but did you yet have a chance to try YugoGPT? In a talk with Aleksa Gordić, we found all the interesting details about the new AI chatbot.

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We're going beyond the IT Industry - Say hello to Jobster

Read the reviews about the work experience of those in your field, find a job perfect for you, and get smarter about your career with Jobster.

4 min read

What trends await us in the workplace in 2024

From digital nomad visa and remote work to AI and salary transparency. All of these are coming to our workplace in 2024. Find out more.

4 min read

What tech trends await us in 2024

2024 is close, as are the technological trends that will follow. What will be a hit next year? Let's find out.

1 min read

Joberty is live on Product Hunt!

Joberty is live on Product Hunt! Support us on the journey of presenting developers from the SEE region to the West!

2 min read

Launching on Product Hunt: Presenting the developers from the SEE region to the top IT companies worldwide

Joberty is launching soon on Product Hunt. Here is what we are bringing to the international scene. Support us on the journey!

6 min read

The Impact of Workplace Environment on Employee Creativity

Are you looking for a coworking space that will boost your productivity and creativity? Read all about HUB8 in Belgrade, and all the reasons this might be your new place for work.

3 min read

From Local to Global: How Joberty 3.0 is Changing the Job Search Process in the IT Industry

Joberty is going global with the release of 3.0 product, bringing the benefits of career growth, transparency, and perfect job matches to EVERYONE in IT.

5 min read

Picking Tech Conference that Unites All Digital Perspectives

Looking for the perfect tech conference to attend? Discover the upcoming Digital Labin conference in Istria this September. Network with industry professionals and gain fresh perspectives. Don't miss out on this transformative experience.

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