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6 min read

The Impact of Workplace Environment on Employee Creativity

Are you looking for a coworking space that will boost your productivity and creativity? Read all about HUB8 in Belgrade, and all the reasons this might be your new place for work.

3 min read

From Local to Global: How Joberty 3.0 is Changing the Job Search Process in the IT Industry

Joberty is going global with the release of 3.0 product, bringing the benefits of career growth, transparency, and perfect job matches to EVERYONE in IT.

5 min read

Picking Tech Conference that Unites All Digital Perspectives

Looking for the perfect tech conference to attend? Discover the upcoming Digital Labin conference in Istria this September. Network with industry professionals and gain fresh perspectives. Don't miss out on this transformative experience.

6 min read ERP Academy – Small things make a difference

An educational program that introduces students to the world of ERP and allows them to see first-hand what it means to work in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain.

6 min read

Building new workplace experience in the hybrid work era

Remote work or work from a regular office are not enough anymore. Employees need better working environments for boosting their productivity. Endava relocated 2 new offices and they are sharing with us their approach.

5 min read

5 tips & tricks for successful networking

Networking at big events can be a crucial component of your growth, but it is not always the easiest. We are bringing you tips and tricks on how to overcome fear and become the best in it.

3 min read

5 reasons to visit events

IT events can be the best way to meet new people and new possibilities. Find ones near you and give them a try.

4 min read

The Future of Shopping: What Are POS Funding Platforms?

With the increase in shopping on the Internet - there must also be changes in payment methods. What does this mean for the fintech industry? Find in the text.

6 min read

How is global software development business expanding in Serbia?

Serbia has positioned itself as one of the most essential IT centers for global companies that employ experts for development. Find out more.

6 min read

Career-Boosting Moves: How to Make a Great First Impression and Land Your Dream IT Job at Conferences

Find out how you can land your dream job through IT conferences and ways to present yourself to employers.

5 min read

Hackathons – just a competition, or more?

Hackathons are much more than just a competition. Find out why.

3 min read

The road to hell is paved with copy paste

So, instead of programming from scratch every time, they overlay the new solution on top of the base code. Read below!