It's not always easy being the HR in an IT company. Here you will find tools, best practices, and hiring trends to read about. We have your back!

7 min read

Employer Branding Best Practices

Explore the best employer branding strategy. Learn best practices, real-world examples & how to create a compelling company identity.

6 min read

Outsourcing Software Development to Eastern Europe

Explore the benefits of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe! Discover skilled developers, cost-effective solutions, and government support. Overcome challenges with Joberty’s expert assistance.

5 min read

25 Questions For 360 Feedback

Unlock the power of 360 review questions: navigate feedback effectively for team success. Learn essential queries to enhance collaboration and identify growth areas!

7 min read

6 Ways to Automate Your Recruitment Process

Discover the power of recruitment automation. Streamline your hiring process, find qualified candidates, and access a wealth of resources. Automate your recruitment journey today!

8 min read

How to Hire Developers For a Startup

Learn how to hire a developer for your startup and avoid common hiring mistakes. Build a skilled team for long-term success and find startup developers.

12 min read

Best Countries in Europe to Hire Remote Developers

Hire the best developers in Europe with insights into the top countries for remote talent. Discover cost-effective options, high English proficiency, and thriving ICT sectors.

5 min read

6 Reasons to Hire an Eastern European Developer

Looking to hire developers in Eastern Europe? Discover the many reasons why Eastern European developers are the right choice for your company. Explore top talent today!

6 min read

Winning Strategies for Recruiting Gen Z Developers

The next working generation will be Gen Z. How to approach them, what do they seek from an employee and how to hire them, find in the text.

4 min read

How to create psychological safety in company practice?

During these tough times, improving and building psychological safety within your company is essential. Read how Joberty does it and how you can as well.

6 min read

How to properly support employees' ideas?

Your employees need some energizers and fun activities to help them evolve even outside of work but also inside. It will boost their productivity and mood. Find more about it.

3 min read

How does Advanced Hiring work?

Advanced Hiring is an opportunity to receive an offer in a short period of time - from 48 to 72 hours, that is, already during the interview with the resource manager. Do you manage to do so in your company?

6 min read

How does a flexible working environment really work?

We all want to work flexible hours but what is really mean and where is the line? GoDaddy shares their experience.

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