It's not always easy being the HR in an IT company. Here you will find tools, best practices, and hiring trends to read about. We have your back!

6 min read

Winning Strategies for Recruiting Gen Z Developers

The next working generation will be Gen Z. How to approach them, what do they seek from an employee and how to hire them, find in the text.

4 min read

How to create psychological safety in company practice?

During these tough times, improving and building psychological safety within your company is essential. Read how Joberty does it and how you can as well.

6 min read

How to properly support employees' ideas?

Your employees need some energizers and fun activities to help them evolve even outside of work but also inside. It will boost their productivity and mood. Find more about it.

3 min read

How does Advanced Hiring work?

Advanced Hiring is an opportunity to receive an offer in a short period of time - from 48 to 72 hours, that is, already during the interview with the resource manager. Do you manage to do so in your company?

6 min read

How does a flexible working environment really work?

We all want to work flexible hours but what is really mean and where is the line? GoDaddy shares their experience.

5 min read

What do IT professionals want from Santa Claus?

How can you find a perfect company that can also be your Christmas present? The team from Luxoft shares how.

7 min read

Business and summer fun? It’s possible! Benefits that really matter to IT people

Employees from Schneider Electric tell us which benefits get them going, how they spend their summer, and what benefits employees actually want.

7 min read

Knowledge sharing within the company: How to organize it and why is it important?

How many companies have you come across where teams share knowledge from different projects they are working on?

6 min read

What is a Jour Fixe?

Jour Fixe is a term commonly used in German-speaking countries, and it refers to a regular meeting or appointment on a fixed day and time, usually on a weekly or monthly basis.

7 min read

Innovations in tech recruitment - do we need them?

How to attract quality employees with fun and interesting campaign!

5 min read

Team recruitment vs. candidate recruitment – ​​Same process or not?

HR this text is for you. Find the best approach to hiring both.

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Behind the scenes of an acquisition

Pročitajte što nam kažu zaposlenici tvrtke GoDaddy o procesu zapošljavanja