Everything you need to know about hiring processes, the best CV, layoffs, your career development, and tips & tricks to succeed in business.

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Let's not wait 275 years - how women are succeeding in IT

Women in IT still face a pay gap, but efforts are underway to close it. Discover insights from Luxoft Serbia’s panel on overcoming tech career challenges.

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Recruiters and Boost Visibility

Enhance your LinkedIn profile and attract top job offers with these expert tips. From perfecting your profile picture to using keywords and networking strategies, discover the essential steps to make your LinkedIn presence stand out and land the career opportunities you desire.

9 min read

How to Be Properly Employed as a Remote Worker: Options Explained

Learn essential steps to ensure proper employment as a remote worker. Get the guidance you need from setting up your workspace to managing taxes.

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How to build an IT career in the banking sector

Discover why an IT career in the banking industry is ideal for IT professionals. Learn about the IT sector at Banca Intesa, including innovation, stability, mentoring, and growth opportunities.

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The Best Questions to Ask After an Interview

What should I ask my interviewer? Are there any questions you should avoid? These are the top questions you should be asking at the end of an interview.

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A Simple Guide to Professional Short Bios (With Examples)

Have a hard time writing your short professional bio? We’ll help you crack the code with the best tips, tricks, and examples.

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Our Journey from FarmVille nostalgia to revolutionizing the vegetable supply chain

Diving into entrepreneurship can be a hard decision, but the right one. Get inspiration from the story of farmit founders, a startup changing agriculture in Serbia.

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Manual for reshaping the future of technology (part 1)

Why a lot of women don't choose IT as their career choice? How can we get more girls to become interested in this field? Women from Pollard Digital Solutions, A1 Slovenia, and Endava Serbia shared their path in iT.

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How to Discuss Work-Life Balance During an Interview, With Examples

The best questions to ask about work-life balance in an interview are indirect, and we show examples and what to avoid.

7 min read

How to Answer “Tell me about yourself” in an Interview

The “tell me about yourself” interview question has plenty of benefits for jobseekers. We break them down, so you can use it to your advantage.

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How to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation

Discover the power of a compelling letter of recommendation! Learn when, who, and how to ask with practical email templates. Boost your chances for that dream job or visa application.

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How to Fight Impostor Syndrome as a Software Engineer?

Impostor syndrome is something we all face at least once in our careers. Learn how to maintain it and stop it in your further success.

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