Everything you need to know about hiring processes, the best CV, layoffs, your career development, and tips & tricks to succeed in business.

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Empowering Employees Engagement: The Key to Unlocking Companies’ Innovations

Every company and its employees should have a drive for innovation and growth. That's why Endava came out with Innovation Lab Competition.

5 min read

Lessons I've learned after failed job interviews

Learn from your failed job interview experiences and use them as opportunities for growth. Be authentic, confident, and make the best steps in the process.

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Mapping next steps after losing a job

Discover tips to navigate the difficult transition from job loss to new employment. Learn how to negotiate severance, request references, and update your resume. Utilize recruiters and your professional network, and explore platforms like Joberty Friends for job opportunities.

6 min read

Beyond the Day Job: Tips to Balance Side Hustle as a Developer

A few extra euros can be useful, so starting a side job is a logical move. We bring you guidelines on what you need to know before starting a side hustle as a developer and how to achieve the results.

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Websites For When You're Bored

Feeling the burnout? Or just plain bored at work? Looking for cool websites to visit? Don't worry, as we've got your back!

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Best Coworking Spaces in Berlin

The best coworking spaces in Berlin are Betahaus, St. Oberholz, Thunderbolt Collective, tuesday coworking, b+office, Motion.lab, KAOS, and KleinMein Coffee & Coworking.

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Guide to Freelancing in Germany

From legal requirements to income tax understanding, this ultimate guide offers the resources and insights to work as a freelancer in Germany.

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Remote First Companies in Germany

The top remote-first companies in Germany in 2023 are Ecosia,, Localyze, Infarm, OpenProject, and Vercel.

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Engineering Manager Salary in Germany

The average salary for an engineering manager in Germany is €97,450

5 min read

Cloud Engineer Salary in Germany

The average salary for a cloud engineer in Germany is €72,600

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DevOps Salary in Germany

DevOps engineer in Germany earn an average salary of €62,000 per year or around €5,150 per month.

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Best Excuse to Quit a Job Without Notice (with example letters)

Discover the best excuses to quit a job without notice. Learn how to handle sensitive situations professionally and maintain your integrity.