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Salary Pulse is officially live!

Understanding market trends, industry standards, and geographical variances in salary can be a daunting task. That's why we're excited to introduce our groundbreaking app, designed specifically to revolutionize salary benchmarking in the Serbian IT industry.

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How to Reply to a Job Rejection Email, with Examples

How to Respond to a Job Rejection Email: Examples and Pro Tips

6 min read

How to Conduct an Introductory Meeting Effectively

Master the art of introduction meetings: create a dynamic start & high morale. Transform dull intros into engaging sessions, setting expectations and fostering team synergy. Dive in for effective hosting strategies!

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Let's make your Perfect Match Profile look perfect

We share tips and tricks about how to create the best possible Perfect Match Profile. Think of it as your resume on Joberty. You showcase your skills, work experience, and career preferences by answering a three-step questionnaire that takes an average of 3 minutes to complete.

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Say goodbye to salary guesswork - Introducing Salary Pulse

Boost your company's competitiveness with Salary Pulse, Serbia's ultimate IT salary benchmark tool. Visit to preorder and gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition.

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Let’s find you those developers - Introducing Perfect Match Service for Employers

Our Perfect Match Service will help you reach passive candidates with the power of AI. Free until the end of 2024 for companies with paid ads.

9 min read

The Best Questions to Ask After an Interview

What should I ask my interviewer? Are there any questions you should avoid? These are the top questions you should be asking at the end of an interview.

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Employer Value Proposition

Discover the power of an effective EVP! Discover EVP meaning and explore 'What is an Employer Value Proposition?' Learn the steps to create a compelling EVP, attract top talent, and foster a thriving workplace culture.

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How to Conduct Employee Reviews

Enhance your performance review process: empower employees, and boost productivity. Best practices, types, & tips for effective reviews & fair assessment.

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Product update: It's time for all of us to contribute

Starting from May 13th, users on Joberty will get full access to review sections for 12 months, only after leaving a review or filling out the Perfect Match profile.

7 min read

A Simple Guide to Professional Short Bios (With Examples)

Have a hard time writing your short professional bio? We’ll help you crack the code with the best tips, tricks, and examples.

6 min read

Why is Zig the Highest-Paid Programming Language of 2023?

What makes the Zig programming language unique? The truth behind the highest-paid coding language of 2023.

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