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From Beginner to Expert: Understanding DevRel in the Serbian Tech Industry

Learn about the DevRel position, impact, and the daily life of DevRel professionals. Discover what makes a great DevRel, why Developer Experience matters, and what are the possibilities in Serbia.

6 min read

The Fastest Programming Languages for Developers

Is C faster than Python? Want to write or compile code faster? These are the programming languages you should be using.

3 min read

Ensuring Safety in Autonomous Vehicles: Challenges and Innovations

Autonomous driving is a part of our future. But what does it take to build an AV? What are the obstacles and how to achieve safety? Let's find out from the dSPACE.

5 min read

How to improve data structure skills?

Many of us in the tech industry will try to change our jobs or get a promotion, so let's start with the data structure and algorithm skills that we need to reach the new goal.

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The Future of Driving: Automotive Software Trends Set to Revolutionize Your Ride

In a couple of years, we will be facing changes within the automotive industry. One big trend will be software-defined vehicles and company Luxoft tells us more.

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Harnessing the Power of Kubernetes: Mastering Azure AKS and AWS EKS

Kubernetes is the industry standard for container orchestration. Learn more about it with Comtrae 360.

7 min read

How To Tell If Someone Is a Bad Programmer

Spot signs of a bad programmer: key traits, real-world examples, and the impact of company culture on coding quality.

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Stay Ahead in Tech: How Product Hunt Empowers Developers

Interested in learning about new stuff in tech, expanding your knowledge, and meeting like-minded people? Product Hunt is a go-to place for this and more.

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Cracking the Code on the Greatest Weakness Interview Question

How should developers answer this tricky question? Crack the code of job interviews with savvy tips to reframe your weaknesses and showcase your strengths.

5 min read

Staying Motivated as a Programmer: 9 Motivation Tactics

Explore strategies to stay motivated in the challenging tech scene. Reignite your passion for programming languages.

9 min read

How to Decline a Job Offer in 2023 (With Examples)

How can you maintain a good relationship with the company you’re declining their job offer to? This guide will show you how.

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The Best Job Sites for Developers to Find Work in 2023

The best sites for developers to find work in 2023 are Joberty, No Fluff Jobs,, EchoJobs, and more.

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