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World Programmer's Day: what else interests IT professionals besides computers and codes?

Celebrate World Programmer's Day with Luxoft as we break down stereotypes and showcase the diverse hobbies of our IT experts.

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Inside Ananas: What is it like to work as a Frontend Engineer in a performance-driven e-commerce

What does a front-end developer do in an e-commerce business? Find out from Stefan Kanazir, a developer in Ananas, the leading regional marketplace.

17 min read

Branchless programming — Why your CPU will thank you

In this article, you will learn about branchless programming, explore its underlying principles, techniques, some practical applications, and potential drawbacks.

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The AI Effect on Developers' Salaries

AI influences software engineer salaries by creating new job opportunities and high-paying roles, while also displacing certain developers. Read more about this trend!

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FLARE, the High-Performance Indexing Solution for Virtual Disk Environments

Are you tired of slow file system indexing software that takes up too much disk space? Say hello to FLARE! Developed by Comtrade 360, it offers performance and catalog management that decreases CPU usage and frees up valuable disk space.

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8 Must-Try ChatGPT Plugins for Tech Professionals

The best ChatGPT plugins for tech professionals in 2023 are Ask Your PDF, Speechki, ScholarAI, Link Reader, Wolfram, DeployScript, Video Insights and Speak.

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10 Best GitHub Repositories: Hidden Gems for Developers

Explore the uncharted territories of GitHub with our handpicked selection of repositories, offering a perfect blend of beginner-friendly and advanced projects.

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Service Resilience — part 1: Startup Technology

ReversingLabs developed MegaBase for scalability in the NoSQL era. Migration to ScyllaDB was successful and the largest in the company's cloud history.

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What Affects a Tester’s Career Progression

In the conversation with the Head of Testing in Endava we learned what is necessary for this role and how to get to the Senior position.

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Auto-GPT breakthrough - A new AI game changer?

Auto-GPT autonomously chains together tasks to achieve a big-picture goal set by the user. It automates the multi-step prompting process typically required to operate a chatbot such as ChatGPT.

16 min read

The Best Alternatives to GitHub Copilot in 2023

Top alternatives to GitHub Copilot: features, integration capabilities and pricing.

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How to develop and sell a successful business for 45 mil EUR

Are you trying to sell your business and looking for an inspirational story? Read about Ask Gamblers, their work in iGaming, and how they get sold for 45 mil eur.