Let's make your Perfect Match Profile look perfect

Let's make your Perfect Match Profile look perfect

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Lets make your Perfect Match Profile look perfect

It's been a couple of months since we introduced Perfect Match as a concept for connecting you with your perfect employer, and in this article, we share tips and tricks about how to create the best possible Perfect Match Profile. Continue reading, and you'll be a Perfect Match profile expert in only a couple of minutes.

What is a Perfect Match Profile

Think of it as your resume on Joberty. You showcase your skills, work experience, and career preferences by answering a three-step questionnaire that takes an average of 3 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed the profile, we will match you with perfect job opportunities thanks to an AI algorithm that we have developed.

And that's not all. By having a Perfect Match Profile you are on the radar of Employers who don't see your personal information but can see the rest of your profile. Only after you approve their access to your personal information, by accepting "meet request" you get connected.

After we have covered the basics, let's dive into each step of the Perfect Match Profile.

Step 1. Basic Profile Information

This one is simple. You just fill in your personal information and decide if you're going to upload your CV, leave a LinkedIn URL, or both. Make sure to always have an updated CV on your Perfect Match Profile, and don't forget to align the changes with the LinkedIn profile. If they are not aligned, the Employer will be confused as to which one of those two to use as a source of truth.

It's completely okay to leave out irrelevant experiences in your CV, as long as they can be mapped to your LinkedIn profile (dates must match, employers must match, etc.).

Our experience so far has shown that it's best to have both on your profile - CV and URL to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 2. Your Skills and Work Experience

Now, we talk business. This section includes everything that describes your work experience so far, your skills, and your tech stack.

The first thing you should mention is your current Job title. Remember to include your seniority level as well. This gives the company the chance to scan your seniority at first sight. Since it's not always easy and straightforward with seniorities in the IT industry, we have also included years of experience in IT to support your job title or at least give a glimpse of your expertise to employers.

Follow our advice for your expertise. It's there on purpose. Only change it if you really disagree.

The tech stack is essential. It comes down to your judgment of what to include in the list. Our best advice is to mention everything you think is relevant. You don't have to mention Jira or Scrum necessarily, but also if that's something you think is the best fit for your tech stack - then go for it.

If you are a Team lead or have been, then you have team-leading experience. Don't forget to mention that as well. Sometimes it can make a difference.

Step 3. Your preferences

Finally, the fun part! :)

Here, you should truly put your imagination to work. Whatever you consider to be your perfect job and employer, let it all out.

Let's start with salary expectations—for some, the most important factor in a future job. We tend to underestimate ourselves here but sometimes also to exaggerate to the max. The best guideline here would be to stay realistic. If you are satisfied with your current salary, then don't go below it, but at the same time, 2x of what you have now doesn't sound realistic at all. If you are still at the beginning of your career or don't have anything to compare the salary with, then check out our Explore Salaries page for a reference.

Your desired job title is our next topic. We don't mean here like if you want to become a CTO or an Engineering Manager. This field is not intended for you to show off your ambition. It is to tell us what kind of jobs you are looking for. Maybe you are a QA who wants to become a Product Manager. This is your way of telling us also to show you jobs for a Product Manager position. It's important to mention this info to employers as well. That way they can see where you see your future career is heading to and decide right there if you are a good match for the position or not, without even seeing your full profile.

When it comes to your desired location to work, remember that you should be eligible to work in those places. Also, check out many Remote options that we offer by stating the country in which you want to work remotely in the following format: Remote (Country). We will show you job ads only for those places so make sure you include everything.

Here's your diploma

Congratulations! You are now qualified to judge whether your Perfect Match Profile really looks its best or can be enhanced a bit.

Keep in mind that there are rules when creating a Perfect Match Profile, and we will delete your profile upon creation if you disobey them.

Back to the good news—you now have job recommendations to analyze and see why you were matched with them. Keep an eye on your meet requests. You never know if companies like CAKE.com, Rivian, Fivetran, or Endava spot your profile and really want to meet you.


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