Perfect Match Upgraded: Now companies apply to you!

Perfect Match Upgraded: Now companies apply to you!

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Perfect Match Upgraded Now companies apply to you

With Joberty 3.0 release we have introduced the Perfect Match feature for IT professionals. One could get matched with amazing job opportunities that align with personal values and preferences. By filling in Perfect Match Profile we get to know you better and our AI job-matching algorithm can do its magic.

That was our idea and a goal we were working towards. But it wasn't always 100% on point and that’s why we had the Beta sign displayed. We gave ourselves time to improve and learn from your feedback. And now it's here:

Improved AI job-matching system

We made a few hypotheses on the importance of certain job factors when we started.

We knew that we would do a skill-based job search and not the one driven by the job titles. That way if you know a certain programming language, framework, or library you could get matched with the perfect job for you no matter your job title or the one being advertised (like Configuration Management Build Engineer).

What was the problem?

That sounded perfect but it was ignoring the fact that other members of the dev team like QAs, Product Owners, Product Designers, and Scrum Masters don’t necessarily know how to code so the offered tech stack codebook was limiting in those cases. That resulted in cases when a QA could get a perfect match for a Project Manager position simply because Jira was the mutual tech stack.

We still believe that a skill-based job search is the right way to go. Therefore, we solved this on many levels and now your Perfect Match Job Board is refined so that you see only relevant job positions. They might be fewer than before but their relevance is increased. What else is new?

Now companies apply to you

We are very excited to share the biggest improvement with you. So far, our implementation of this feature has been a one-way street, meaning only Developers could see their perfect matches. But now, Perfect Match has a new addition - "meet request". From now on companies will be able to request to meet the candidates they think would fit a certain position. This means they ask you for approval to see your personal information.

How it works?

First, you need to create your Perfect Match Profile.

Then, using our AI job-matching algorithm we match you with jobs that align with your preferences. The same goes for companies, who now see perfect candidates per advertised job position. So companies who are looking for a candidate like you will now see your Perfect Match Profile.

Don't worry, your personal information will remain hidden. Also salary expectations.

Companies are then sending you a 'meet request' and you get an option to approve or reject it.

If you approve it, your hidden information will be revealed to the company who then can choose to invite you for an interview.

It looks like this:

No pushy recruiters

So you see, it’s similar to LinkedIn but with one important advantage – you get to control who can see your personal data and who can contact you. No spamming nor pushy recruiters like on LinkedIn, you know that the companies who want to meet you are only those matching perfectly with your profile and you can also see them on your Perfect Match Job Board.

With that, we proudly announce exiting from the Beta phase. And we thank all of you who contributed with your feedback to get us here.

Happy times are ahead of us! 💙

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