We're going beyond the IT Industry - Say hello to Jobster

We're going beyond the IT Industry - Say hello to Jobster

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Were going beyond the IT Industry Say hello to

Like others, we’ve also made a few New Year resolutions:

  1. We’ve decided to challenge the status quo
  2. Staying positive even when the tough times hit
  3. Being brave and having fun will be our 2024 imperatives
  4. We will be our best version no matter the circumstances
  5. And finally, we’ll go far and beyond to transform the silent battles of 2023 into 2024’s loudest victories

Having said that, it’s with our greatest pleasure to present to you a new product for the Serbian market that we have been working on for the last couple of months.

Meet Jobster – Joberty for Non-IT Industries in Serbia.

A place where you can review your employer, apply to open positions, and ask companies whatever you want to know. 

We do understand why IT is awesome, and the fact that not everyone has the privilege of working for a tech company. Why privilege? Well, because the IT industry has always been a leader when it comes to benefits, remote work, flexibility, and similar. It holds the highest salaries and sets the bar for everyone else. And most importantly, it drives innovation and moves our humanity forward.

Joberty has changed the way how we choose a company and candidates. Therefore, we felt the need and responsibility to improve work transparency in other industries as well. Through Jobster, we get the opportunity to influence finance, marketing, healthcare, and many others.

That idea is magnifying our purpose to whole other levels that go far beyond ourselves and remain as our legacy to humanity.

Now, we need your support.

Tech is great. But we want better workplace transparency, for everyone.

Jobster is here to stay, as the first and only platform of its kind in Serbia.

We invite you to spread this news with your friends who also deserve the best workplaces. Especially those who are willing to share their work experience and provide valuable feedback. Only together we can make it happen.

We go bold in 2024. Same team, bigger vision, rocking again!

Spread the word, and make some noise! 💚

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