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5 min read

Our Journey from FarmVille nostalgia to revolutionizing the vegetable supply chain

Diving into entrepreneurship can be a hard decision, but the right one. Get inspiration from the story of farmit founders, a startup changing agriculture in Serbia.

2 min read

David Schoch Joins Quantox Technology! Entering a New Phase of Development with the New COO

Quantox Technology welcomes David Schoch, a renowned technology expert, as new COO, bolstering strategic vision & operational excellence for continued growth.

4 min read

Awesome .NET gRPC features to look at

Explore the transformative power of gRPC in .NET 7 with client-side load balancing and gRPC transcoding. Learn how to integrate gRPC services as HTTP APIs and optimize performance seamlessly with an expert Irina Scurtu.

6 min read

Why is Zig the Highest-Paid Programming Language of 2023?

What makes the Zig programming language unique? The truth behind the highest-paid coding language of 2023.

5 min read

Manual for reshaping the future of technology (part 1)

Why a lot of women don't choose IT as their career choice? How can we get more girls to become interested in this field? Women from Pollard Digital Solutions, A1 Slovenia, and Endava Serbia shared their path in iT.

5 min read

How to Discuss Work-Life Balance During an Interview, With Examples

The best questions to ask about work-life balance in an interview are indirect, and we show examples and what to avoid.

7 min read

How to Answer “Tell me about yourself” in an Interview

The “tell me about yourself” interview question has plenty of benefits for jobseekers. We break them down, so you can use it to your advantage.

7 min read

Employer Branding Best Practices

Explore the best employer branding strategy. Learn best practices, real-world examples & how to create a compelling company identity.

5 min read

From Beginner to Expert: Understanding DevRel in the Serbian Tech Industry

Learn about the DevRel position, impact, and the daily life of DevRel professionals. Discover what makes a great DevRel, why Developer Experience matters, and what are the possibilities in Serbia.

3 min read

Perfect Match Upgraded: Now companies apply to you!

With the Joberty Perfect Match System, as a developer, you discover the best position and the best company for you. The company also sees you as the best match for them and gets the opportunity to request a meet with you!

6 min read

The Fastest Programming Languages for Developers

Is C faster than Python? Want to write or compile code faster? These are the programming languages you should be using.

6 min read

A talk with Aleksa Gordić, creator of YugoGPT

We have all heard about ChatGPT, but did you yet have a chance to try YugoGPT? In a talk with Aleksa Gordić, we found all the interesting details about the new AI chatbot.

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