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7 min read

Empowering Employees Engagement: The Key to Unlocking Companies’ Innovations

Every company and its employees should have a drive for innovation and growth. That's why Endava came out with Innovation Lab Competition.

6 min read

The Impact of Workplace Environment on Employee Creativity

Are you looking for a coworking space that will boost your productivity and creativity? Read all about HUB8 in Belgrade, and all the reasons this might be your new place for work.

5 min read

World Programmer's Day: what else interests IT professionals besides computers and codes?

Celebrate World Programmer's Day with Luxoft as we break down stereotypes and showcase the diverse hobbies of our IT experts.

3 min read

From Local to Global: How Joberty 3.0 is Changing the Job Search Process in the IT Industry

Joberty is going global with the release of 3.0 product, bringing the benefits of career growth, transparency, and perfect job matches to EVERYONE in IT.

5 min read

Picking Tech Conference that Unites All Digital Perspectives

Looking for the perfect tech conference to attend? Discover the upcoming Digital Labin conference in Istria this September. Network with industry professionals and gain fresh perspectives. Don't miss out on this transformative experience.

6 min read

Inside Ananas: What is it like to work as a Frontend Engineer in a performance-driven e-commerce

What does a front-end developer do in an e-commerce business? Find out from Stefan Kanazir, a developer in Ananas, the leading regional marketplace.

5 min read

Lessons I've learned after failed job interviews

Learn from your failed job interview experiences and use them as opportunities for growth. Be authentic, confident, and make the best steps in the process.

6 min read

Mapping next steps after losing a job

Discover tips to navigate the difficult transition from job loss to new employment. Learn how to negotiate severance, request references, and update your resume. Utilize recruiters and your professional network, and explore platforms like Joberty Friends for job opportunities.

6 min read

Beyond the Day Job: Tips to Balance Side Hustle as a Developer

A few extra euros can be useful, so starting a side job is a logical move. We bring you guidelines on what you need to know before starting a side hustle as a developer and how to achieve the results.

6 min read

Winning Strategies for Recruiting Gen Z Developers

The next working generation will be Gen Z. How to approach them, what do they seek from an employee and how to hire them, find in the text.

4 min read

How to create psychological safety in company practice?

During these tough times, improving and building psychological safety within your company is essential. Read how Joberty does it and how you can as well.

6 min read ERP Academy – Small things make a difference

An educational program that introduces students to the world of ERP and allows them to see first-hand what it means to work in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain.