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25 Questions For 360 Feedback

Unlock the power of 360 review questions: navigate feedback effectively for team success. Learn essential queries to enhance collaboration and identify growth areas!

7 min read

How to ask for a letter of recommendation

Discover the power of a compelling letter of recommendation! Learn when, who, and how to ask with practical email templates. Boost your chances for that dream job or visa application.

4 min read

The Future of Driving: Automotive Software Trends Set to Revolutionize Your Ride

In a couple of years, we will be facing changes within the automotive industry. One big trend will be software-defined vehicles and company Luxoft tells us more.

1 min read

Joberty is live on Product Hunt!

Joberty is live on Product Hunt! Support us on the journey of presenting developers from the SEE region to the West!

6 min read

What does my working day look like as a Software Engineer?

What does my working day look like as a Software E0:00/7:541× It is a common case of accepting a job offer, only to get in somewhere, without actually checking in detail where I am going to work, what my duties and responsibilities will be, how much and

2 min read

Launching on Product Hunt: Presenting the developers from the SEE region to the top IT companies worldwide

Joberty is launching soon on Product Hunt. Here is what we are bringing to the international scene. Support us on the journey!

3 min read

Harnessing the Power of Kubernetes: Mastering Azure AKS and AWS EKS

Kubernetes is the industry standard for container orchestration. Learn more about it with Comtrae 360.

7 min read

How To Tell If Someone Is a Bad Programmer

Spot signs of a bad programmer: key traits, real-world examples, and the impact of company culture on coding quality.

7 min read

6 Ways to Automate Your Recruitment Process

Discover the power of recruitment automation. Streamline your hiring process, find qualified candidates, and access a wealth of resources. Automate your recruitment journey today!

6 min read

Stay Ahead in Tech: How Product Hunt Empowers Developers

Interested in learning about new stuff in tech, expanding your knowledge, and meeting like-minded people? Product Hunt is a go-to place for this and more.

5 min read

Cracking the Code on the Greatest Weakness Interview Question

How should developers answer this tricky question? Crack the code of job interviews with savvy tips to reframe your weaknesses and showcase your strengths.

8 min read

How to Hire Developers For a Startup

Learn how to hire a developer for your startup and avoid common hiring mistakes. Build a skilled team for long-term success and find startup developers.

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