LEAP Summit

LEAP Summit

The LEAP Summit is an event with a mission to educate and inspire future innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. It influenced more than 10.000 people from 40+ countries over the years.

5 min read

5 tips & tricks for successful networking

Networking at big events can be a crucial component of your growth, but it is not always the easiest. We are bringing you tips and tricks on how to overcome fear and become the best in it.

6 min read

Career-Boosting Moves: How to Make a Great First Impression and Land Your Dream IT Job at Conferences

Find out how you can land your dream job through IT conferences and ways to present yourself to employers.

4 min read

How can conferences help you find your first job in IT?

If you are still not sure what you would like to do or are interested in which companies are active in your field of work, join this year's LEAP Summit and learn something about marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, and IT.

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