What do IT professionals want from Santa Claus?

What do IT professionals want from Santa Claus?

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What do IT professionals want from Santa Claus Ha

Have you already made a list of New Year's wishes that you would like to fulfill? We all look forward to New Year's gifts, and in anticipation of the New Year we wanted to find out what people in the IT sector wish for - both on a personal and business level.

Thinking about the year ahead, we always look back on the one we are leaving behind, that's why, in order to get an answer to the question "What do IT experts want to receive from Santa Claus?", we invited a company that in the previous year arrived at our market - Luxoft. They also decided on an interesting approach - they asked their employees to write a letter to Santa, describe their experience of the year at the end and what kind of gift they want for the New Year.

They made their New Year's wishes come true. As they say, the previous year was very successful for this company - they opened an office in Belgrade Serbia, successfully collaborated with team members from 27 different countries, implemented many fun and complex projects and are looking forward to what's to come. A special challenge for them now is - how to help their employees to make their New Year's wishes come true?

Successful business experiences and new desires

Sandra Vitas, Agile Scrum Master at Luxoft says that her biggest professional achievement in 2022 was becoming part of the company's team.

I really like the atmosphere, the people, the opportunities for self-learning, as well as the training organized by the company. This is the best work experience for me in my entire ten-year career so far - emphasizes Sandra.

Jovan Slavujević C/C++ Developer, who also joined the Luxoft team this year, shares his opinion.

I got the opportunity to work on fantastic projects with fantastic people. In 2023, I would like to change my specialization and try my hand at web development, which will be possible thanks to the support that Luxoft offers, says Jovan, adding that he would like to receive the latest model of a well-known brand of phone from the Luxoft Loyalty shop for the New Year.

"I haven't collected enough points for it yet, but miracles are possible, especially during the New Year holidays."

The Luxoft Loyalty program is specially designed so that employees participating in the company's activities collect loyalty points that can be exchanged for different things, from clothing to the latest phone models, smart watches, and electric scooters... Something from this set is on the wish list of many employees of this company. And there are also those with slightly more unusual wishes...

Little and big achievements

Alexander Stakhiev, a C++ expert, says that he would like to receive an Oculus quest 2 from Santa Claus, but also one super power - to be able to read minds, in order to help anyone who needs help but is afraid to say so.

I would like to be the one to cheer everyone up just when they need it the most.

Alexander also joined Luxoft this year and considers it his big success.

I am working on a project that develops autopilot algorithms for one of the world's largest car manufacturers, and it is a real pleasure to see how my ideas and knowledge contribute to road safety - concludes Alexander.
I like branded Luxoft sweatshirts, and I hope that Santa Claus will finally bring me one from the Loyalty shop - says Igor Feniuk, C++ developer.

Igor wants to become a dad next year, he would like to be able to climb La Dura Dura, as well as learn to whistle.

"With the help of Luxoft, I learned a little Serbian, which I also consider my achievement, and with the help of internal courses, I learned how to present my ideas to my colleagues in the most adequate and efficient way."

Camilo José del Real Martell, Senior Software Developer is proud to have become a technical interviewer this year. Java expert Alexey Aldonin says that he also participated in many technical interviews, and he is happy to contribute to working in a team of enthusiasts, which he believes will only grow and become better.

Practical things

Some of the team members are very practical in their wishes.

Igor Gaponov from the Training and Development team at Luxoft says that he would like to get a Bluetooth tracker for the New Year, so that he can find things faster, especially keys, and Araz Yusubov, a C++ developer, points out that he would like to develop more applications next year that make people's lives easier, like the application he worked on this year, which will be used by the engineers of a huge global hardware company. Concrete and useful, right?

Choice and equal access for all

DevOps Stefan Radivojević describes joining Luxoft, a company where, as a person with disabilities, he feels completely accepted from the beginning as the best business experience of the year for us:

"Luxoft really works to raise awareness of many issues, including the issue of disability inclusion. As a person who experienced an amputation at an early age, I often get strange looks from people around me, and this is the first time that it hasn't happened to me, and I haven't felt uncomfortable at any point."

Stefan, like Java developer Petar Jeremić, got a job at Luxoft under the accelerated "Advanced hiring" procedure, and both say that this experience marked their professional year. From the multitude of projects that Luxoft works on in the fields of the automotive industry, healthcare, logistics, and banking, they managed to find the ideal one for themselves in just a few days.

"If only I could get a camping cooking set or free climbing equipment - that would be an ideal gift from Santa Claus!" - Peter concludes.

Make your own Santa Claus

What marked your 2022? Are you thinking about the New Year and maybe a new step in your career in 2023? If something from the above has interested you in taking a closer look at what it's like to work at Luxoft, check the current positions they offer on the Joberty platform.

You may also find it interesting that you can take on the role of Santa Claus yourself for a short time - by recommending a friend from the IT sphere, you can help them get a job in this company, and thus secure a referral bonus within the Luxoft Referral program, which also accepts external recommendations. You can read more about it here.

The New Year is upon us, ho, ho, ho...


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