Launching on Product Hunt: Presenting the developers from the SEE region to the top IT companies worldwide

Launching on Product Hunt: Presenting the developers from the SEE region to the top IT companies worldwide

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Launching on Product Hunt Presenting the develope

Hey everyone,
In today’s blog text, we are reaching out to you with an exciting opportunity to join us on our next step in the journey. Our next goal is to connect developers from the SEE region with the best tech companies from the West. With that being said, we are soon launching on Product Hunt to reach the tech leads from North America and Western Europe and present our tech talents (you) through Joberty.

If you have been following us for a while, you probably know the journey that we have been on. With further development in 2023. we launched our platform to the global level, to connect developers all around the world, not just in the SEE market.  

You have given us a lot of feedback and time to grow, and now we want to give back to you as well.

Launching on Product Hunt, we will present our features, our product, and our motivation, but the most important is that we will present all of you who want more significant opportunity, you who want to try to work all around the world, or you who is striving for change of your surroundings.

We have been working on a solution for matching you, developers with the perfect company and job position. This way we would like to present our Perfect Match algorithm to the Product Hunt public as well, with the aim of changing a job search in the IT field.

Product Hunt, a popular online platform showcasing the latest products and startups, has become a go-to destination for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors, as we have concluded in the previous blog text. It has the ability to showcase and amplify new products in the tech industry to the broader public. For us, as a startup, this launch helps us make a further impact on a global scale. Developers will be able to find the job for them, and companies retain talents for longer as well as connect with employees who fit their vision.

The exposure we gain from Product Hunt will be a new motivation and wind in the back for further growth and continuous work on our product. With your support in all these years, we have managed to come this far, but our journey doesn’t stop here. The next goal is to establish a strong foothold in the international tech scene with the IT companies on a larger scale.

We are encouraging you to continue with us. We are leaving you the link where you will find our page on Product Hunt. If you like what we do or want to learn more, click the Notify button and get the first news about the launch.

Write a review, provide valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement, or just stop by to say hi. Joberty team will jump into action, responding to each comment, and demonstrating our commitment to building a strong and trustworthy community among IT specialists.

Let's reinforce the notion that innovative startups can emerge from any part of the world and find their place on the global stage.

See you on Product Hunt! 😊

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