The Best Job Sites for Developers to Find Work in 2023

The Best Job Sites for Developers to Find Work in 2023

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The Best Job Sites for Developers to Find Work in

Finding a developer job board that offers the correct information without unnecessary redundancy can be daunting, especially if you've been on the job market for a while. In this article, we aim to simplify your search by highlighting the best job sites for developers in Southeastern Europe and the Balkans in 2023.

We've curated a list of platforms that provide easy-to-understand and actionable job opportunities. These are the best job sites for developers in Eastern Europe to find work in 2023:

1. Joberty

Joberty is a tech job platform that lets developers review companies, share their experiences about what it's really like to work at their tech company, and also find jobs in Southeastern Europe.

On Joberty, you’ll find honest answers to questions such as “What can you expect at the interviews?”,  “What's the team like?” or “What about the salaries?”. You will no longer need to ask around for information that could help you make up your mind.

Even though it’s now a global tool, Joberty has become one of the best developer job sites for developers in Southeastern Europe, as it offers a range of services to help you find a job for you. Some features that will be helpful in your job search are:

  • Researching about the companies that post job offers,
  • Reading company reviews,
  • Comparing IT salaries,
  • Seeking international career opportunities,
  • Searching for remote work options in the region, but also globally,
  • Discussing within the international IT community.

What's more, we have now raised our platform to higher levels. All the features and services that were limited to six regions before will now be available globally.

We have also been catching up to tech innovations, using them to create a system that will help you save time and make decisions that sometimes feel impossible to take. AI-matching recruitment system with a carefully designed algorithm called Perfect Match.

This system will match you with companies. You’ll be able to describe your aptitudes and preferences in detail by filling out a profile. These preferences include company culture, projects, technologies, salary and benefits, working methods, and further development. Joberty’s AI will then help you find a company that suits you.

2. No Fluff Jobs

This site is excellent if you’re looking for no unnecessary information on the application process — no fluff. This portal requires employers to publish a salary bracket in every advertisement, straight up and transparent; the specialists who developed this site know what one is looking for. Every job offer is based on one universal pattern, which makes each job description clear and easy to compare. No Fluff Jobs offers jobs in Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Ukraine, Slovakia, and the Netherlands, apart from remote jobs.

More than 80% of laid-off tech workers find new jobs within three months - McKinsey & Company

3. offers companies pre-vetted candidates. This means that to apply for jobs through, you need to go through a bit of an application process. But so do the companies that will then hire you — they have to match the standards, too. By using this site, you won’t have to worry about the sales or negotiations, as they will take care of them. Depending on your tech stack, experience, and availability, you will just need to attend the pre-launch interview with the client. The people running this company are making a substantial, commendable effort on the Ukrainian front, and it’s inevitable to mention it.

4. EchoJobs

This platform offers specific filters for optimizing your job hunt: location, skill, focus, and seniority. A software engineer designed EchoJobs, so the page’s layout is very convenient. Most job offers show the program requirements for the role, the place where they are located (and whether the job is remote or not), and a range of salaries that they would offer, even if you’re not logged into an account.  Most available jobs are in the United States, but there are still opportunities in Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

5. X-Team

X-Team is a handy job site for developers who are looking to work freelance, remotely, while still joining a long-term team. They work with leading brands like Fox, Sony, Intel, and Riot Games. This platform will lead you to work with high-performing, on-demand teams of developers provided you get into their community.

6. Remotive

Remotive’s mission is to help tech professionals go remote. They work with companies that trust the programmers to work remotely, will invest in long-term professional growth, and are family-friendly — the only all-nighter you’ll need to pull off is one for your kids. This site helps you find candidates faster, contact talents directly, and build relationships with prospective hires: more than 100 jobs are posted daily.

7. JustRemote

JustRemote offers a series of remote jobs that will be difficult to find anywhere else. Apart from programming and engineering, they offer design, editing, HR, marketing, recruiting, sales, and writing jobs from anywhere remote. They have a built-in tool that helps you discover all the never-advertised jobs. Applicant locations range from Europe, the United States, Brazil, and Colombia, to China, Japan, and Vietnam.

Remote workers are 35-40% more productive.

8. Whitetruffle

White truffles are extremely rare and can only be found in one part of Italy a few months out of the year with specially trained pigs. This job-hunting page will make you feel as unique and in demand as those truffles. Whitetruffle was created to remove the grunt work in the tech job-hunting process for both candidates and the companies: you won’t need to scroll and apply for hours, as employers will come for you.

9. OfferZen

OfferZen is a remote job site that offers a 99% response rate, based in South Africa. They offer jobs in Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Italy, Kenya, Romania, Portugal, Poland, and Spain and also do so remotely. Developers create a free profile, and companies reach out to them with upfront tech stack, salary, and perk information. Over 2,000 companies are hiring on the platform.

10. WellFound

Formerly known as AngelList, WellFound offers plenty of opportunities, especially if you’re looking for a startup or smaller enterprise. They are straightforward, having kind of ‘removed’ cover letters. Regardless of your location, there are over 100,000 jobs around the world you can check into. With so much job volume, it might be hard to find which ones are genuine enough. Many job sites, in the end, still run expired job postings.

Are you ready to start working remotely?

Turns out, plenty of great sites will help you get the job you are looking for, including remote positions for developers based in Southeastern Europe and the Balkans.

At Joberty, we invite you to create your profile or simply take a moment to explore and discover the opportunities that await you by checking company reviews. Your next chapter could be just a click away, and we’ll help you unfold it. Good luck!


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