Manual for reshaping the future of technology (part 1)

Manual for reshaping the future of technology (part 1)

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According to the title, one would expect to read something about serverless computing or using Deeplearning4j for developing intelligent applications. Instead, this article is about women who are committed to building incredible things using technology. We’re going to lift them and put them on a pedestal to celebrate them. Why? Well, the number one reason for every discussion about women in IT comes from one simple truth: We don’t have enough women in IT because young girls don’t have role models to look up to. With this blog, we are going to help them visualize their journey through the journey of Aleksandra, Jasmina, and Jana.

So step number 1 in our Manual for reshaping the future of technology is having more girls in STEM.

What is so cool about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and why I should study it?

Jana: I have decided to study  Electrical Engineering due to its mix of mathematics, physics, and electronics, which were fields that I was the most interested in. As I went deeper into my studies, I became more and more amazed by the fast changes in technology and how it's affecting everything around us. This led me to pursue a career in the field, driven by a passion to be part of the developing world of technology and something that I would learn with great passion and that is something I can be good at.

Aleksandra: I have always been good with math and physics, and I had a group of very good high school friends with similar interests, so we chose to pursue similar career paths together. When I was little, sometimes my father had small part-time projects in the electronics domain, so he used to bring home circuit boards and electronic components, and I used to help him assemble the boards by placing resistors and capacitors; it all sounded like a fun game to me. Of course, I have never imagined that my IT career would look quite different from assembling circuit boards for TVs, but it's still a place where you can be creative enough (and many times you must be creative if you want to be successful there).

Jasmina: I'm really passionate about IT because it's a field where I can grow a lot, and I thrive on challenges. The ever-changing nature of technology keeps me on my toes, and I love that every day brings new chances to learn.  It's this dynamic environment that keeps me excited, curious, and always ready to dive into new innovations.

Since we can’t imagine something we don’t see ourselves, it takes a good mentor to help us guide through our career path. The mentor will surface the personal qualities that are essential for advancing in a specific IT role. So cheers to asking for help, advice, or just guidance when we need it.

Step 2 in our Manual – Surfacing the importance of having mentors because we women can do it all by ourselves.

How a mentor can help in shaping my career in IT?

Jasmina: I've been fortunate to learn from some brilliant minds, like Martin Marcocelli, who believed in me and encouraged me to take on highly challenging projects. Working alongside him has not only expanded my skills but also fueled my drive to push boundaries and excel in challenging project environments. With his guidance, I’ve gained invaluable experience and developed a mindset that thrives on innovation and problem-solving.

Aleksandra: There were always certain qualities in multiple people I have met during my career that I wanted to copy and adapt. There were also trainings that I went through, but there were also people who pushed me forward, who could see more clearly what I could do in the future than I could imagine myself. Depending on the specific IT role, different personal or professional qualities and qualifications are valued more, but what I see as priceless nowadays is good communication (with your team, with a client), being proactive and ready to learn new stuff, offering your help to the team, speaking up, and suggesting a better or different approach, and being very, very adaptable to new circumstances, which proved to be an increasingly important skill during this crisis on the IT market.

Jana: I've been lucky to have mentors who have offered invaluable guidance and support along the way. It's my pleasure that I met and worked with a lot of people throughout my career that I admire a lot. The most important personal qualities that are required in the IT sector, in my opinion, are having a passion for technology, a drive for excellence, and the ability to stay updated with the latest trends are crucial for success in our fast-paced industry.  To be well organized, not giving up on solving problems, and also good social skills are also big advantages.

Finally, we can’t grow despite all efforts, if our work environment is not supportive, empowering, and motivating. We need solid and healthy grounds in which we can strive and showcase 100% of our abilities. Which aspects of the company's culture contribute to one’s success in the workplace? What is factor X that makes us feel accepted, respected, and welcomed?

There, we come to step 3. Building better workplaces.

What to look for in an IT company?

Jana: My personal goal is always to work on a high professional level. A good work environment is the most important thing for me to show my potential and give my absolute best. The supportive culture of A1 Slovenija empowers me always to take initiative and drive positive changes, leading to bigger success for both, the individual and the company as a whole.  Success comes with a great team. To support, give help, and learn from each other must be each team's priority. I'm lucky to be surrounded by great people and that we share the same values. With them, everything is much easier.

Jasmina: What I love most about Pollard's culture is the emphasis on open communication and teamwork. It's a supportive environment where everyone's ideas are valued, and collaboration is key. This makes me feel empowered and motivated to do my best work every day, knowing that I am part of a team that values creativity and cooperation.

Aleksandra: Endava is very supportive when it comes to growing your career path or switching to a different career stream - you have a chance to participate in different training programs and certifications, have dedicated mentors to help you out, there are different positions within the company that you can apply for. Another aspect is the flexibility that I have: proposing ideas that have the potential to turn into projects, freedom to do some things a bit differently than standard if I believe it's going to add extra value for the team, flexibility in changing roles during my career in the company, and of course, flexible working hours to support you in achieving a better work-life balance.

And there you go, simple steps that we should follow to have more girls who code and more women in IT. In the next blog, we discuss with HRs what initiatives companies could take to bring more women into the IT industry. So stay tuned!

This article is co-written with:

Jasmina Todorović, Director for Digital Product Delivery at Pollard Digital Solutions

Jana Rilkova, IT Operations Expert at A1 Slovenia

Aleksandra Mićović, Head of Testing at Endava Serbia

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