Winning Strategies for Recruiting Gen Z Developers

Winning Strategies for Recruiting Gen Z Developers

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Winning Strategies for Recruiting Gen Z Developers

Given that a significant part of Gen Z is actively seeking employment in software development, it is crucial for employers in this industry to be aware of their unique requirements and preferences.

In this article, we explore the perspectives of Gen Z on work, with valuable insights into the possibilities of how employers within the IT industry should address these preferences. It is important to recognize that IT employers are not only competing with other tech industry businesses but also with various other industries for attracting Gen Z developers. As a result, hiring Gen Z requires a specific approach and strategies to attract potential candidates and create an organization that aligns with their desired work environment.

Before we dig into this, let’s get to know Gen Z.

Who Is Gen Z?

Generation Z refers to young people born between 1997. and 2012, the newest generation to enter the workforce. According to Universum, Gen Z will account for 40% of the workforce by 2040.

They are already revolutionizing the way we approach hiring and recruitment.

Generation Z is deeply attached to the digital realm. They have grown up in a world in which access to the internet and smartphones is an integral part of everyday life, exposed to the global market and deeply connected with social networks. Gen Z possesses a strong sense of self-worth. They are well-educated, skilled, and confident and companies capable of answering to these features are in a better position to attract and retain Gen Z talent.

A notable challenge in hiring Gen Z developers is their manner to switch jobs if their expectations are not met within the current workplace. To address this issue, it is crucial for employers to implement initiatives that reduce burnout, promote work-life balance and offer opportunities for ongoing learning and development.

How to communicate with Gen Z

To attract GenZ talent employers should diversify communication channels. Text messaging and video calls are gaining popularity among Gen Z to connect with employers. Moreover, Gen Z job seekers prioritize face-to-face communication and aim to establish trusting relationships with their recruiters.

Note that they expect a job offer within a week of their initial interview and keep in mind to expedite the hiring process and provide regular updates.

Gen Z preferences

Gen Z developers seek companies that offer flexibility, career growth, future focus, and a sense of purpose.

They are also attracted to transparency and personalized approaches in the workplace. Companies should create a strong employer brand to attract Gen Z, and use social media to engage with potential candidates.

Here are some of the main things they value the most:

Generation Z places great importance on achieving a harmonious work-life balance and prioritizing mental well-being. Stress is considered the primary obstacle to productivity. So, to easily attract talented Gen Z individuals, it is crucial to implement a flexible working policy. This can involve various initiatives such as offering flexible work arrangements, providing mental health programs,  or granting vacation time.

Flexibility, however, extends beyond the option to work from home. It also encompasses the opportunity to change roles or learn and gain new skills with the support of the company.

Career Growth
Gen Z developers are ambitious individuals with a never-ending desire for continuous improvement. Motivating Gen Z is relatively straightforward when they are presented with clear opportunities for career progression.

In a Forbes article, a Gen Z representative writes that during his job search, he got excited about companies willing to finance further education. According to data he refers to, 40% of Gen Zers are willing to accept a salary reduction of up to 5% in exchange for a position that provides better career growth.

Diversity and company culture
Just as much as they prioritize learning, Gen Z prioritizes diversity. They are recognized as the most inclusive and diverse generation, looking for an interactive environment that includes ideas and perspectives from various cultures and generations. Promoting inclusivity is a crucial factor in retaining employees.

For Gen Z developers, it is essential to work for a company that values them as individuals rather than seeing them as a small part of the overall corporate structure. Therefore, a culture policy within a company is crucial.

Most Gen Z candidates begin evaluating a company's culture well before submitting their application. They thoroughly examine the company's website and social media to figure out whether the company fosters a welcoming and inclusive work environment.

Feedback and value they make
Just like they want instant feedback on social platforms in the form of comments, likes, or shares, Gen Z actively seeks regular feedback on their performance and areas for improvement. Regular communication with them not only makes them feel motivated but also enhances their confidence and productivity.

Show them that you appreciate their contributions. Generation Z wants to feel integral to operations right from the start. By acknowledging their importance and treating them as equals, despite their lack of experience, you can leverage their inexperience as a valuable asset.

Gen Z recruiting strategies

Recognizing the significant value of these young talents, IT companies need to plan strategies to recruit Gen Z developers successfully. Here is how to improve your chances of attracting and hiring them.

Show personal approach
Generation Z seeks a personalized experience, starting from the recruitment process. Use data to customize your communication with candidates and adapt your recruitment approach to their individual needs. It demonstrates care for them as unique individuals, rather than just another applicant.

Using this personal touch in all recruitment messages and tailoring job descriptions to align with the specific interests and skills of Gen Z candidates, can greatly improve employers' position in attracting top talent. Don't forget about providing regular updates to candidates regarding their hiring status throughout the interview process. Finally, when extending a job offer, sending a thoughtful care package that resonates with the new hire can further contribute to a personalized and memorable experience.

Adapt the job description to their preferences
As we could see, Generation Z has introduced a fresh set of priorities regarding what they value most in the workplace. Implement these best practices for job descriptions to enhance the attractiveness of your open positions.

Use direct communication and outline the fundamental job responsibilities and learning outcomes. Also, try to provide insight into the day-to-day work experience associated with the role.

Encourage Employee Referrals
Gen Z places a higher value on referrals when searching for employment than any other source. If someone they know recommends a company as a favorable workplace, Gen Z developers will go on it.  

To ensure that your employees actively refer potential candidates for open positions, it is crucial to first cultivate a company culture that fosters employee retention. Then motivate and encourage team members to share their work experiences on social media or to post jobs on social media where their network can easily see them.

Improve your career site
When it comes to Gen Z developers, the career page serves as the cornerstone of your recruitment marketing approach. 76% of Gen Z individuals directly visit a company's careers page when considering employment opportunities. They first select a company of interest and then explore available positions.

Given the significance of this resource for Gen Z, it is crucial that your careers page is of high quality. It should feature user-friendly navigation, aligned with your company's branding.

Create an eye-catching design, integrate employee testimonials to showcase their experiences, highlight perks and bonuses, and include the company's values, mission, and vision.

Use social media to promote career opportunities
Use the power of Linkedin, popular developers forums such as Quora, Reddit, and other platforms to engage with Gen Z developers. These channels not only enable you to establish connections with Gen Z job-seekers but also enhance brand visibility.

Additionally, leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok to effectively promote your organization and showcase the company’s culture through the voices of current employees.

Moreover, don't overlook the value of online coding challenges like hackathons, which serve as excellent sources for reaching and attracting young developers.

What are your experiences with Gen Z developers? For an exchange of opinions, and advice or to learn more about the experiences of others, start a discussion on this topic on the Joberty community.


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