What tech trends await us in 2024

What tech trends await us in 2024

Anamaria Jurković
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What tech trends await us in 2024 The end of the y

The end of the year is very close. As usual, we like to dig into the future at the end of every year and see what will become new hits next year. It is important to learn about them so we can stay on top of our game in the fast-growing tech industry (by we I mean both, you, me, developers, and companies).

As we all know, constant learning about new technologies, work ethics, business, etc., is crucial for personal and career growth. So, on that note, enjoy our little insight on the upcoming tech trends in 2024.

Generative AI will become stronger, logical right?

In 2023, and also in 2022 we have talked about Artificial Intelligence, so will AI continue as a trend next year? The answer is simple: yes. And the reason as well. Previously, we have witnessed large language models that have been thriving, but now the highlight will be on the smaller ones, more cost-efficient. They will operate on low-footprint installations with constrained processing power. Additionally, generative AI models will be combined with superior data from knowledge graphs in new AI platforms. This change is beneficial to business since it will save time and money while getting more, because of the technology advancements.

It is time for all that we have learned and adopted about generative AI in 2023 to live its potential, which is for sure not short-lived.

Elon Musk is not sending people to the Moon yet, but Space Technology is rising

The next thing is Space Technology. If you are a Space fanatic, as I am, then you will understand the hype. If not, I am going to explain it. You have probably heard stories of people going to the moon and similar. Even though that will not happen in 2024, a bigger focus will be put on solving overall human challenges like better access to telecommunications, defense and sovereignty, and climate crises.

A lot more private companies decided to dive into the space world, so funding doesn’t come only from government agencies. This is important if we know that the last Space Race brought such a change to humanity like GPS, satellite technology, solar energy, and such, so innovations like these are crucial for our development. And you will have a bigger chance to work on these developments since the employee demand will be stronger.

Cryptography and Quantum Computing, it was about the time

The next trend that a lot more effort will be put into, is Quantum Computing. It is a computing type that uses entanglement and superposition, two quantum phenomena. This technique can be used to find new items in previously undiscovered timeframes or to optimize investment strategies and cryptography. Because quantum computers are so much quicker than conventional computers, this trend stands out significantly and a lot of big companies like Microsoft and Google are already onto it.

However, as quantum computing advances, a new threat is quickly materializing that might make encryption standards like RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) and ECC (Elliptic-curve cryptography) outdated. Thus, creating quantum-resistant algorithms is quickly becoming essential to preserving data security and privacy in the future. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US will release the standard for "post-quantum cryptography" (PQC), or encryption algorithms thought to be immune to quantum attacks, in 2024.

Datafication and Our Privacy

The next thing we will talk about in this text is Privacy and the Importance of Data, adding to the previous section. We are all familiar with the fact that one of a company's most important resources is data, and using it well may set it apart from its competitors. It is essential for making better business decisions and has a significant effect on the prosperity of an organization. With the rise of datafication, a lot of our daily tasks changed with the data-driven devices. So, using them such as phones, work applications, etc., makes us more prone to the leakage of important information.

61% ​​of brands acknowledged that they had lost the trust of their customers as a result of their failure to protect their data and information, according to a global poll involving over 4000 brands and consumers. The gap between customers and brands is widening, and for brands to advance, they must concentrate more on it. Therefore, we can notice two important things from this trend. With a better data-driven strategy businesses will become more efficient in developing novel consumer experiences, streamlining processes, and seizing fresh market opportunities while at the same time keeping the privacy of consumers’ data a lot more.

New batteries as a path to sustainability

The next and final thing that we have previously mentioned in some of the blogs is batteries. We have talked about automotive driving, electric mobility, and such, so it is not surprising that Cobalt-free (sodium-ion) or solid-state batteries will have their rising path. The importance of it is to lower the cost for companies who are working on such vehicles and reach a higher storage capacity. These breakthroughs could pave the way for the battery sector to have more options and make more sustainable use of resources in a world that is trying to fight against climate change.

What are your thoughts?

So what would you say about these trends? Are you planning to learn more about these as they progress? Stay tuned because we will talk about them a lot throughout the following year!

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