From Beginner to Expert: Understanding DevRel in the Serbian Tech Industry

From Beginner to Expert: Understanding DevRel in the Serbian Tech Industry

Vanja Paunović
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From Beginner to Expert Understanding DevRel in t


In the ever-evolving world of technology, the bridge between developers and the companies creating tech tools is very important. This is where Developer Relations (DevRel) comes into play, a pivotal role in today's tech landscape.

DevRels work at the intersection of technology and human interaction, focusing on creating strong relationships with developers, enhancing their experiences, and ensuring their voices are heard within the tech community. This blog post talks about the essence of DevRel, its impact on the Serbian tech industry, and the day-to-day life of those who champion this role.

Understanding DevRel

What is DevRel?

Developer Relations (DevRel) sits at this really cool crossroads of coding, teaching, and community building. It’s not just a job – it’s a passion for technology and a commitment to sharing that passion with a community. DevRel professionals are the ones who take their love for tech and spread it around, helping others learn and grow along the way.

Key Roles in DevRel

DevRel isn’t just a single role; it’s a blend of several important functions:

  • Community Building: At its heart, DevRel is about nurturing a vibrant community. DevRel pros are the ones running events, engaging with community members on various platforms, and fostering a space where everyone can ask questions, share knowledge, and support each other. This community becomes a collective voice advocating for the product.
  • Education: A big part of DevRel is teaching. Whether it’s through writing blog posts, creating videos, or developing hands-on examples, these professionals are all about spreading awareness and educating developers about their products. They must be helpful, honest, and clear in their communications.
  • Product Awareness: DevRel plays a vital role in shaping the product itself. They have this unique ability to understand developer pain points and translate them into the product roadmap. This role goes beyond just creating product documentation; it involves a deep curiosity about improving the developer experience and having genuine empathy for developers.
  • Product Feedback: Gathering feedback from the developer community to inform product development and improvement is another important part of a DevRel job.

What Makes a Great DevRel?

Being in DevRel means:

  • Having a love for writing and building things.
  • Being an exceptional engineer with a constant thirst for learning new technologies.
  • Showing a passion for tech and a strong desire to share it with others.
  • Being able to talk about technology with empathy, and understanding different viewpoints.
  • Enjoying helping others and giving more than taking in the community.

The Significance of Developer Experience (DX)

What is Developer Experience (DX)?

DX is all about how easy and enjoyable it is for developers to use certain tools or technologies. It's like the user experience but for developers. A great DX means developers can get their work done more efficiently and with less frustration, which is a win-win for everyone.

Key Elements of Great DX

  • Quick Onboarding and Fast Iterations: The ability to jump into a new framework or tool quickly and see results fast is important. This keeps the creative flow going and reduces the learning curve.
  • Simplified Upgrades and Helpful Error Messages: Making major updates hassle-free and providing clear, actionable error messages can significantly improve a developer's day-to-day experience.
  • Strong Defaults with Options for Customization: Offering strong default settings while allowing flexibility for those who want to dig deeper or customize is a fine balance that can greatly enhance DX.
  • Thoughtful Documentation: Good documentation should be easy to skim, with clear code examples and answers to common questions. It should be designed to solve problems, not just list features.

Why DX Matters in Serbia

In Serbia's growing tech industry, focusing on DX is becoming increasingly important. Companies that prioritize a seamless and enjoyable experience for developers are more likely to attract top talent and foster innovation. As the tech community in Serbia continues to mature, those who invest in DX are setting themselves up for long-term success.

A Day in the Life of a DevRel in Serbia

Working as a DevRel at, each day is a new adventure. My role is incredibly dynamic, ranging from hands-on tasks to strategic planning. Here's a glimpse into my typical day:

Varied Daily Tasks

  • One day, I might be deep in customer outreach, gathering valuable feedback to enhance our products.
  • On another, I’m updating our documentation, recently leading a major migration to Nextra, which revamped over 200 pages with interactive navigation and custom components, significantly boosting user experience.
  • Then, there are days filled with creativity, like recording video tutorials to make our platform more accessible to users worldwide.

Notable Achievements

  • Our team led the development and implementation of the Tenderly TX Preview Snap, now used by over 1,000 users globally.
  • Our team played a key role in over 5 international hackathons, making relationships with top web3 companies across three continents.

Global Outreach

A significant part of my role involves traveling to various conferences around the world. Here, I conduct workshops, both online and onsite, to educate developers about our ecosystem.

These events are not just about teaching; they're about raising awareness of's products and reinforcing our presence in the global tech community.

In essence, my role as a DevRel is about making connections - with customers, within the community, and across the tech world. It's a role that requires adaptability, creativity, and a deep passion for technology and people.

Networking in the Web3 World

An interesting part of being a DevRel in the web3 space is how interconnected everyone is, especially on platforms like Twitter and Telegram. For instance, I keep a screenshot of my Telegram QR code as my phone wallpaper. It's a super efficient way to connect with someone in person. Just a quick scan, and we're connected. This approach underscores the fast-paced, innovative spirit of the web3 community, where making quick, meaningful connections is part of the daily routine.

Career Path and Opportunities in DevRel in Serbia

The landscape for DevRel positions in Serbia is quite unique. Currently, there aren't many DevRel opportunities, primarily because the tech industry in Belgrade and other parts of Serbia is dominated by outsourcing rather than product-based startups. DevRel roles typically thrive in environments where there's a developer-focused product or platform, something that's not as common in the current Serbian tech scene.

However, the future looks promising. The trend is shifting, with more startups in Belgrade beginning to create valuable products. As this ecosystem evolves, we can expect a rise in demand for DevRel professionals. This change could significantly enhance the career opportunities in DevRel in Serbia over the next five years, making it an exciting field to watch for anyone interested in bridging technology, communication, and community.


As we've explored, Developer Relations in Serbia is an evolving and vibrant field. It's more than a job; it's where passion for technology, community building, and innovation intersect. DevRel professionals are vital in enhancing the Developer Experience (DX), shaping product development, and fostering strong tech communities.

While opportunities in Serbia are currently limited due to the prevalence of outsourcing, the landscape is shifting. With more product-based startups emerging in Belgrade, the demand for skilled DevRel professionals is set to grow. This field represents a unique and exciting opportunity for those looking to merge technology, community engagement, and creativity. The future of DevRel in Serbia is bright, promising a dynamic and fulfilling career path for those passionate about making a difference in the tech world.


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