Picking Tech Conference that Unites All Digital Perspectives

Picking Tech Conference that Unites All Digital Perspectives

Digital Labin
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Picking Tech Conference that Unites All Digital Pe

Looking for the right tech conference to attend might seem like a straightforward decision, but in reality, it's a challenge. The dilemma is which can bring you the greatest value, worth investing money and time.

People from the IT industry worldwide have already become aware that attending such conferences holds the promise of refining their expertise and staying up to date with the latest technological advancements and methodologies. However, the goal should go beyond just improving your specific knowledge and skills but also meeting new people, learning, and staying up to date with popular IT trends and areas.

Attending conferences that unite all masterminds in digital product creation, including developers, designers, business, and project managers, could bring many more benefits not just for the individuals but the whole team. This approach is becoming increasingly popular in our region, too, and such an event is about to take place in Istria this September. The upcoming Digital Labin conference will connect people from the web, mobile, software development, design, and management, bringing the whole team to one inspiring place.

Before we get to know all the opportunities of this late summer Istrian event, let’s dig into some key advantages of attending such events.

Content to empower the team to thrive

Content is the base and every decision about attending the conference should be aligned with a good content concept. For attendees, it is necessary to ensure that the program aligns with their specific requirements, contributing to enhancing proficiency in their present role and creating future career opportunities. But it is important to stay open to new perspectives, too.

The conferences offer programs that can gather the whole team from one company, create new perspectives, boost creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking, and push their boundaries to create new quality solutions.

The best digital products are born from the collaboration of diverse minds and good synergy between departments. Picking the conferences designed to fuel collaboration ensures that every team member can contribute their unique expertise.

In this context, such conferences organize the acquisition of new technologies and concepts in an interactive and memorable manner, putting attention on workshops and masterclasses fashioned in the style of case studies. It brings attendees valuable insights into accomplishments and approaches that provide unique opportunities to learn from top experts.

Diversity of speakers, ideas, and inspirations

Different digital perspectives mean a diversity of topics, speakers, and a variety of visions and experiences represented in the talks. Events with such an approach introduce you to code wizards, business insights, and different IT specialists from all over the world. The diversity of speakers, along with their experience, credibility, and fresh knowledge, results in a diversity of ideas, motivation, and advice.

It exposes attendees to brand-new approaches, paths, and considerations that they might not have encountered on their own. Fresh perspectives mean new interests too. If you are a software developer, for example, in such a diverse digital landscape, you might become interested in design or motivated to hear and learn more about project management.

In this specific environment, people also share diverse ways of using and utilizing a particular technology, resulting in the development of many new amazing ideas, techniques, and some fresh problem-solving perspectives.

Networking potential

Conferences are places where key connections happen. They gather attendees and top experts from different IT departments, creating an even more inclusive space where networking and knowledge sharing take place.

You'll get to meet and mingle with various people, make new connections, learn about exciting projects, and who knows, you might even stumble upon your next dream job.

And it's not just that different masterminds from different companies and with different experiences would share their thoughts, challenges, and insights on relevant tech trends and hot topics. Allowing you to bring your whole team along for an unparalleled experience, this kind of conference helps team-building to thrive, making stronger connections and raising exchanges of ideas within the team too.

Beyond the Talks

Yes, such events will introduce you to many new people, opportunities, amazing speakers, and top experts, bringing you the hottest talks and fresh knowledge from the IT industry. But you will also be invited to shift your focus to the exciting world beyond just a work event.

Along with the work part and networking, it also sets the perfect vibe for your conference journey, including a multiple choice for having fun - starting from some DJ and music sets to video-game corners and popcorn spots.

It fuels both your mind and soul, and it’s not rare that connections made in such circumstances build stronger bonds among participants.

Where to find such events

Now, if you are thinking about a tech event where you can bring almost your whole team, with top industry experts, content, and networking opportunities, you don't have to go far.

We mentioned the rising number of them, but organizers of the Digital Labin conference from Croatian company Lloyds Digital decided to introduce a new track this year, bringing even greater content. The conference will be held simultaneously on three stages: Design, Dev, and PM & BizzDev, uniting all digital perspectives and teams within the company.

Some of the biggest names in the IT scene will be in Istria this September. On the Design track, experts like Martin Kupreis from the renowned Dutch company DEPT, a creative visionary known as Mr. Biscuit, and Mark Lokas from the well-known company Shape. On the Dev track, Monica Restrepo from the global giant Shopify, Daniel Roe from Nuxta, and Marcel Pociot from Beyond Code will reveal the secrets of coding, providing a unique insight into the latest technology trends. For visitors eager to learn more about project management, the PM&BizzDev is a place to be, with strong Croatian names like Goran Kovačević (Infinum), Tomislav Tenodi (Specka) and Tomislav Vukić (Ars Futura), along with many other experts.

Check out the schedule:

Digital Labin
Digital Labin is a unique 2-day conference connecting people from the web, mobile, software development, design, and management.

It's anything but a typical conference. For the first time, in this fourth Digital Labin edition, three premium Masterclasses will be held, led by some of the brightest minds in the industry. Featuring inspiring talks and workshops from industry leaders and uniting all of the masterminds in digital product creation, this late summer Istrian event is certainly the one where you bring your whole team.

What kind of conference content inspires you the most? Have you considered attending some conferences soon? Share your thoughts with the Joberty community. There, you can ask for some experiences from the Digital Labin too.

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