How does Advanced Hiring work?

How does Advanced Hiring work?

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How does Advanced Hiring work It is already known

It is already known that recruiting IT experts, especially seniors, is an extremely demanding task for recruiters. A challenging and interesting project, opportunities for learning and development, and numerous additional benefits - all these play a role in making a decision for a developer to accept an offer from a particular company.

So is there any know-how that can help solve this challenge? We sought answers from the company Luxoft, which introduced a unique employment model.

What turned out to be important was the time spent in negotiations, says the IT company Luxoft, and they add that it was this reason that motivated them to apply the Advanced Hiring system, i.e. the process of accelerated hiring of IT experts.

Advanced Hiring is an opportunity to receive an offer in a short period of time - from 48 to 72 hours, that is, already during the interview with the resource manager.

"It is a mechanism that allows IT experts to receive a job offer within just a few days, and to start working before a specific project is selected." When they officially start working, together with them we choose the project that will best suit their skills, experience and wishes", says Ana Mijatović, Recruiting Director at Luxoft Serbia.

"The main advantages of this method of employment are, apart from the rationalization of the time spent, the availability of all company benefits and receiving a full salary from the first working day."

Key specializations that Advanced Hiring applies to are Java, JavaScript, C++, QA/Auto and DevOps.

What happens after employment?

After the developer is hired, together with the recruiting team, he starts looking for a project for himself. According to Luxoft's statistics, this process usually takes about 2-3 weeks.

Petar Jeremić, Software Developer, had such an experience: "From the first working day to finding the project, two and a half weeks passed. The main advantage of this way of employment for me is that you can find a project that suits you completely, among a large number of different projects."

Andrei Khon, a senior developer, says he found the project just one day after he was hired.

"My priority was to find an interesting project, and considering that Luxoft works on a large number of very different projects, it was quite simple to choose the one that perfectly matched my interests."

If you get into the latest model of any premium car manufacturer, under the hood the software that controls autonomous driving or the digital dashboard was created at Luxoft. In the field of healthcare & life sciences projects, a growing team in Belgrade is developing a state-of-the-art orthodontic platform that includes all stages of the process - from jaw scanning with 3D technology to a 3D print showing the final appearance, and it is a project that will revolutionize the current orthodontic practice. There are also innovative technologies used by global banks for digital onboarding, risk management, remote banking platforms, centralized trading platforms, as well as digital solutions in the field of retail, telecommunications and logistics.

In the period until he finds a project, the newly hired IT expert researches, attends courses and training programs if he wants, and has interviews for different projects without any rush. Stefan Radivojević, DevOps Engineer, describes how the process went in his case:

"Less than a month passed until the project was selected, but from a legal point of view - the procedure was completed in 3 days." The main advantage was that we didn't waste any time at all. During the process, I saw what I needed to master in order to be even more competitive. Overall, it was a great experience, and within 3 days I had already started conversations with friends from the IT community to see who had enough knowledge to recommend them to join Luxoft as well."

If this process sounded interesting to you, then go to the Luxoft company profile on Joberty. And if you would like to see which positions are currently open at Luxoft, you can view it here.


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