Frontend Developer Salary in Germany

Frontend Developer Salary in Germany

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Frontend Developer Salary in Germany What is a fro

What is a frontend developer?

A frontend developer is like a master architect for the digital realm. They design and build the visual elements of websites and apps that users interact with directly. Their role involves translating design mockups and wireframes into responsive, user-friendly interfaces. Frontend developers work with various technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create seamless user experiences.

They also collaborate with backend developers to ensure the website or app functions smoothly. Ultimately, frontend developers bridge the gap between design and functionality, bringing the digital world to life for users.

The average salary for a frontend developer in Germany is €57,000

Frontend developers in Germany earn an average salary of €57,000 per year or around €4,750 per month. Salary ranges from €50K on the low end to €71k on the higher end. For the most part, junior to mid-level frontend developers don’t receive equity and bonuses in Germany.

According to TechPays, senior frontend developers are receiving semi-decent benefits. For example, a senior frontend developer at HelloFresh is earning €8K in equity, at MessageBird €13K equity, and at a Big 3 Consultancy €14K equity.

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Salary by experience

Entry-level frontend developers can expect to earn around €47,000, which is a solid starting point for their digital journey. As they gain experience and hone their skills, junior developers see a bump in pay to about €50,000. Those who reach the mid-level stage of their career, having mastered their craft, can earn a respectable €60,000. Finally, senior frontend developers, who have demonstrated their expertise and leadership in the field, are rewarded with an impressive salary of €65,000.

Taxes in Germany

When you're trying to figure out your take-home pay in Germany, keep in mind where you live, your experience, your job title, and your tech skills. Use the German tax brackets (below) or a tax calculator to get a ballpark idea of your monthly take-home after taxes.

Living in Germany with a gross annual salary of €57,000 (€4,750 monthly) means you'll have about 37% of your salary, or €21,318, deducted for taxes and contributions. Your net income, or take-home pay, will be €35,682 per year, €2,973 per month, or €686 per week

German tax brackets

Annual salary

Tax rate

Less than €10,908


€10,909 – €62,809

14% to 42%

€62,810 – €277,825


> €277,826


Average salary by city

Frontend developer salaries vary by city in Germany, with Munich taking the top spot at €63,000, reflecting the city's thriving tech scene. Berlin comes in a close second with an average salary of €60,000, reflecting its status as a startup hub. Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Düsseldorf all offer comparable salaries, ranging from €55,000 in Hamburg and Frankfurt to €55,000 in Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, Stuttgart sees slightly lower average earnings for frontend developers at €52,000.

Median salary by country

U.S. developers top the list with an average salary of $133,000, followed by Canada ($90,000) and the UK ($75,000). Germany's average is $64,000, while India's is significantly lower at $15,000. The global average salary for frontend developers is $60,000.

Salary by Company

Frontend developer salaries can vary significantly across different companies. On the higher end, senior frontend developers can earn an impressive €201,000 at an automotive e-commerce company, while a Big 3 management consultancy offers €134,000. However, on the lower end, frontend developers are earning around €40,000 (for example Junique & mymuesli). This considerable range highlights the importance of considering various factors, such as industry and company size when comparing frontend developer salaries.

Fair and transparent salaries

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