DevOps Salary in Germany

DevOps Salary in Germany

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DevOps Salary in Germany What is a DevOps engineer

What is a DevOps engineer?

DevOps engineers play a crucial role in automating the software development lifecycle of a digital product. Their work lies at the intersection of development and operations, maintaining a steady flow of work between these two critical areas. As a bridge between development and operations, they facilitate communication, collaboration, and integration among these departments. Their expertise in both domains enables them to streamline processes, reduce bottlenecks, and enhance the overall efficiency of the software development and deployment process.

The average salary for a DevOps engineer in Germany is €62,000

DevOps engineer in Germany earn an average salary of €62,000 per year or around €5,150 per month. Salary ranges from €56K on the low end to €77k on the higher end. There are many open positions for DevOps engineers in Germany, which tend to pay higher than the average software engineering job.

An experienced and skilled DevOps engineer has a high earning potential in Germany, granted they land the right job at the right company. For example, we can look at the site TechPays and see some exact salaries from top-earning DevOps engineers. A DevOps engineer at Schaeffler AG is earning €99,000/year and another working at HERE is earning €88,000. From this data, it appears that 100K is the upper limit - we don’t see any salaries higher than that.

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Salary by experience

€62,000 is considered a high salary (comparatively) in Germany. It’s important to emphasise that a bunch of DevOps engineers probably earn less than the average. The figures below are those reported from Glassdoor, they are the best data we have but also not entirely accurate. The higher salaries (compared to software engineering) can be explained in two ways. First, many DevOps engineers started their careers in development roles before transitioning across; therefore they have more experience than the average ‘Junior.’ The second reason, is that the role requires a broader range of knowledge and skills, you need to understand operations and development.

Taxes in Germany

Taxes are high in Germany. You will likely lose most of your income to taxes (over a third of your salary). Taxes are super important to factor into your estimates when negotiating salary — unfortunately, it’s often overlooked. Let’s use the average DevOps salary to determine what your actual take home will look like.

Your annual income in Germany is €62,000. This is €5,167 monthly. On this salary, you'll be paying a 38% tax rate with a total of €23,318 deducted from your salary. Consequently, your net income, the amount you take home after taxes, will amount to €38,682 annually. This equates to €3,223 monthly or €744 weekly.

German tax brackets

Annual salary

Tax rate

Less than €10,908


€10,909 – €62,809

14% to 42%

€62,810 – €277,825


> €277,826


Average salary by city

When we look at the average DevOps engineer salary by city, the highest earners are in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. In terms of job opportunities, Berlin and Munich are the top locations. If you’re also hunting for the highest possible salary for this role, these two cities are at the top of the list, since all the multinational and tech companies are headquartered there. Frankfurt and Düsseldorf are at the bottom in terms of earning potential due to less job opportunities and small tech scenes.

Median salary by country

The salary of a DevOps engineer can also vary significantly by country. In the United States, the average salary is the highest, standing at $160,000. The United Kingdom follows with an average salary of $93,000, and Canada is close behind at $84,600. Germany offers a slightly lower average salary of $70,700. On average, across all countries, a DevOps engineer can expect to earn around $80,000.

Salary by Company

We’ve been talking about averages, but that only goes so far. Let’s have a look at some specific examples from German companies to get a better understanding of what you can earn working in Germany. The majority of reported salaries are between €60K - €70K — but again, these are from very well-known and established companies. If you’re working in a startup, your salary might look different.

Fair and transparent salaries

Open salary discussions during your job search can be advantageous for you and others. It helps set clear expectations and makes comparing job offers a breeze. Plus, it paves the way for more effective salary negotiations. By sharing your salary experiences, you're helping create a job market that's transparent and equitable for all. Whether you're a DevOps engineer earning more or less than the average, your insights can be a treasure trove of information for your peers. Remember, your contribution can have a significant impact on the professional community. 😊

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