Data Scientist Salary in Germany

Data Scientist Salary in Germany

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Data Scientist Salary in Germany What is a data sc

What is a data scientist?

A data scientist is like a super-sleuth for the digital world. They gather data from various sources like web servers, logs, databases, and APIs to better understand business challenges. Their role involves cleaning and organising data so it's easily understood by non-technical stakeholders. Data scientists also perform exploratory data analysis to uncover hidden patterns and trends. They also create data models that best fit the requirements, helping businesses make smarter decisions based on their findings.

The average salary for a data scientist in Germany is €66,000

Data scientists in Germany earn an average salary of €64,500 per year or around €5,400 per month. Most data scientists in Germany earn between €58k - €81k. As a senior data scientist, you might earn additional pay in the form of yearly bonuses or equity, estimated to be between €5k - €10k.

It also helps to look at what actual companies are paying data scientists (not just averages). TechPays has around 20 data points from top companies in Germany. We can see that consultancy firms (PwC and EY) pay entry-level data scientist salaries of around €50k while the top Berlin tech unicorns (N26, CrowdStrike, and Delivery Hero) are offering senior data scientist between €80k - €90k with generous equity and bonuses.

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Salary by experience

In Germany, the salary of a data scientist varies based on their experience level. Entry-level data scientists can expect to earn around €58,000, while those with a bit more experience (1-3 years experience) can earn around €60,000. As you gain more experience and reach the mid-level stage, you can expect to negotiate a salary around the €70,000 mark. Senior data scientists, who have the most experience and expertise in the field (5+ years), can earn significantly more salary at around €88,000.

Taxes in Germany

When figuring out your take-home pay in Germany, think about where you live, your job experience, your role, and your tech skills. You can use the German tax brackets (below) or a tax calculator to get a rough idea of your monthly earnings after taxes.

For example, if you live in Germany and make €64,500 a year (that's €5,375 a month), you'll have €24,688 taken out for taxes and other deductions (38% tax). That leaves you with a net income of €39,812 per year, €3,318 per month, or €766 per week.

German tax brackets

Annual salary

Tax rate

Less than €10,908


€10,909 – €62,809

14% to 42%

€62,810 – €277,825


> €277,826


Average salary by city

Data scientist salaries in Germany differ depending on the city. In Berlin and Hamburg, data scientists can expect to earn around €65,000. Munich and Stuttgart offer slightly higher salaries, with data scientists making €67,000 in both cities. Frankfurt comes in a bit lower at €64,000, while Düsseldorf offers the lowest salary among these cities, at €62,000. These variations in pay can be influenced by factors such as the local job market and cost of living.

Median salary by country

The median salary for data scientists varies significantly across different countries. In Germany, the median salary stands at $75,000, while in the UK it's slightly higher at $82,000. The United States offers the highest median salary for data scientists at an impressive $150,000. In contrast, India's median salary is significantly lower at $31,000. Canada also offers competitive pay, with a median salary of $107,000 for data scientists. The overall median salary for data scientists across all these countries is $75,000.

Salary by Company

Data scientist salaries in Germany vary by industry. Pharmaceutical and industrial sectors offer higher pay around €82,000-€84,000, while tech companies average €80,000. Insurers and food delivery services provide salaries between €74,000-€77,000, and telecommunications and e-commerce pay €71,000-€73,000. The finance and travel sectors tend to have lower salaries, ranging from €63,000 to €65,000.

Fair and transparent salaries

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