The Best Tech Companies in Berlin 2023

The Best Tech Companies in Berlin 2023

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The Best Tech Companies in Berlin 2023 Berlin is a

Berlin is a city known for its vibrant tech scene. It’s cheaper than London, more English-friendly than Paris, and trendier than all of Western Europe combined. If you’re looking to kick-start your career in tech, you’ve come to the right place. There’s an endless amount of job opportunities for software engineers and tech specialists, whether that’s in bootstrapped startups or international corporates, the choice is up to you.

The best company?

It’s almost impossible to say which are the best companies in Berlin because it comes down to your specific preferences. For example, many workers in Berlin only care about making enough cash to get them through the year. They place more importance on job flexibility, the industry they are working in, and company culture (i.e. are my colleagues cool?). So if that’s you, then you might have to do a bit more digging and read some company reviews to get the full picture.  

If you’re interested in breaking into tech or getting your first job, it’s probably best to focus your job seeking efforts towards startups and up-and-coming companies that don’t pay as much but will give you a chance to grow and expand your network. This article is more focused toward the jobseekers that preference salary first and want to find a company that will allow them to maximise their earning potential. That being said, most of these companies are very cool, they have great products, they are internationally renowned, and they have unique workplace cultures. Here are the three categories of earning potential, good luck!

Tier 1 - Bonus & Equity

In this Tier 1 category, we’ve listed the highest paying tech companies in Berlin. Now, these salaries will vary based on experience, so if we’ve included a salary range, then assume the lower end represents a senior engineer and the higher end represents either a tech lead, engineering manager or principal engineer. These are base salaries as reported on TechPays (not including equity or bonuses). That being said, companies in Tier 1 do offer generous bonuses and equity options. Sign on bonuses range from €20K - €35K, yearly bonuses range from €20K - €70K, and equity can be anywhere from €19K/year to €90K/year.

Company Base Salary
Airbnb €64K - €132K
Amazon €123K
AngelList €125K
Consensys €120K
DigitalOcean €123K
GitHub €100K
HubSpot €170 - €195K
Microsoft €114K - €150K
Red Hat €84K - €125K
Salesforce €150K
SAP €105K
Shopify €108K - €127K
Snowflake €59K - €134K
Spotify €93K
Stripe €125K
Twitter €110K
Wayfair €105K

Tier 2 - High Base Salary

Although these Berlin tech companies are still relatively large and offer generous salaries, they don’t offer stock options, so they fall into the second Tier. This makes the total yearly compensation is a lot less when compared to Tier 1. Regardless of the drop in base salary, developers working at these companies are making decent money above the German average (€62,000). Moreover, a lot of these companies have an international presence and are recognised globally, which means you’d be more attractive to future employers.

Company Salary Range
Auto1 €70K
AutoScout24 €103K
Careem €90K €59K - €120K
Choco €85K
Contentful €85K
DeliveryHero €86K - €102K
eBay €61K
Elastic €80K - €105K
GetYourGuide €76K
HelloFresh €110K
HERE Technologies €78K
ImmobilienScout24 €105K
Klarna €80K
N26 €85K - €115K
Omio €68K - €93K
Ratepay €68K
Revolut €85K - €110K
Smava €69K
SoundCloud €102K
SumUp €87K
Wefox €60K
Workday €100K
Wolt €78K
Zalando €110K

The companies in this next list pay salaries closer to the German average (€62K), which is still fair but around one third of what Tier 1 companies pay. These companies are less international but very popular in Berlin. Job competition is still quite high given the popularity of each brand, especially unicorns and well-founded scale-ups. The salary ranges here are just estimates, so don’t be surprised if they are actually lower than the figure stated.

Company Salary Range
Adjust €75K - €100K
Babbel €60K
Blinkist €85K
Camunda €62K
Coachhub €65
Elinvar €60K
Flink €76K
FlixTech €85K
Gorillas €75K
Grover €100K
Helpling €68K
Infarm €60K
mymuesli AG €43K
Onefootball €70K
Pitch €62K
Sennder €70 - €90K
Solarisbank €66K
Taxfix €75K - €105K
Tourlane €65 - €80K
TradeRepublic €75K - €105K
Uberall €58K
Urban Sports Club €70K
Vinted €95K
Vivid ~€80K

Leave a Salary Review

Some of these salaries reported are a couple of years old, so there may have been some adjustments, especially considering the huge tech layoffs that have taken place recently. If you work for one of these companies or know specific salaries, let other software engineers know by leaving an anonymous salary review on Joberty. And we all know, salary isn’t everything, sometimes it’s about great colleagues and great management — these are also things you can mention when reviewing companies on Joberty so that jobseekers can better navigate the tech landscape of Berlin✌.

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