By working to transform the healthcare industry in America, Wicert has been fulfilling its mission for the past 20 years and enabling people to live healthier lives.

7 min read

More than code - software with a purpose

Sometimes it is not only about the coding, it is coding with a higher purpose and for someone's needs. Learn how to add a bit of purpose with Vicert.

6 min read

Talent development program as a first step toward a career

Everyone wants to work in a company where they have a plan for you, and where you can grow, especially as a junior. Vicert shares their positive examples.

4 min read

Healthcare SaaS: The role of developers in healthcare

We know technology is an important part of the healthcare industry, but what do developers do within it? Find more in the text.

6 min read

Product vs. Outsource companies - Which is better and does it make sense to compare?

Read the text and figure out which one suits you better.

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