Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Global develops modern technologies and solutions for managing energy and processes in a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable way.

5 min read

The role of software in managing the consumption of electric vehicles

The image of the former electrical distribution system is changing drastically, and developers have a lot more to do. Read about the up-coming changes.

7 min read

Business and summer fun? It’s possible! Benefits that really matter to IT people

Employees from Schneider Electric tell us which benefits get them going, how they spend their summer, and what benefits employees actually want.

6 min read

How is global software development business expanding in Serbia?

Serbia has positioned itself as one of the most essential IT centers for global companies that employ experts for development. Find out more.

3 min read

The road to hell is paved with copy paste

So, instead of programming from scratch every time, they overlay the new solution on top of the base code. Read below!

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