5 reasons to visit events

5 reasons to visit events

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5 reasons to visit events In order to stay up to d

In order to stay up to date with development in the IT world, trends and challenges, as well as opportunities in the local market, it is good to be in contact with the key actors of the industry.

One of the best ways to keep up to date and further expand your knowledge and perspectives, exchange experiences and meet new people, are certainly events. Often these gatherings, whether online or live, raise topics and issues that deeply affect changes in a profession. And how does it happen if the events are organized once a month, quarterly or annually?

We talked about this topic with Nikolina Božanović, Event Manager in the team organizing the upcoming Emple festival. The key factors of changes that, according to Nikolina, events bring to individuals and contribute to career progress, we present further on in the text.

1. Exchange

Whether we work in the same or different industries, our struggles are similar. Both the heavier ones and the sweet ones. We work with people, we meet them at different stages of career development, and at different stages of company development. We are looking for candidates, introducing new benefits, procedures...

Events are an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues about what else can be done and how. To give advice to a younger colleague, or to finally meet that one person we keep following on LinkedIn and are just waiting for a moment to ask the question we've been saving for him or her.

2. "I hear it for the first time!"

Surely you are one of the many who have found themselves almost in the situation of thinking this, because if you haven't, we should ask ourselves what is happening with listening to the world around you?

Nikolina points out that one of the best feelings is when you hear about something for the first time, and in a few months, it becomes a practice that you have pushed through in your team, something that you have added to your daily routine.

To hear something for the first time - events are a great opportunity for that.

3. Learning

Similar to the previous one. But still... Learning about a topic is one thing, but listening "firsthand" to world and local experts on the same topic is something else.

Not to mention the ones we quote almost every day.

That the book sitting on the desk finally gets a voice, and that's why events are my favorite! - emphasizes Nikolina.

4. Raising awareness

Think about it, or better yet, ask someone around you - how many new positions for employer branding (EB) specialists were there in the last year?

Referring to the example of the Emple festival, Nikolina adds that she is not the only one responsible for the changes in employer branding:

All of us who together build a community and raise awareness of the importance of EB in business and those companies that do not dedicate themselves to it - that is strength! Even if we manage to blow away the idea that EBs are just glowing advertisements - we've succeeded!

5. Review or retrospective

On successes, on what did not go well, on good practices - such retrospectives and reviews are brought by events.

"To what is really important to us so that we can deal with people within settings such as their workplaces. So, LOOK BACK. MOVE FORWARD - says Nikolina and adds that the events also bring insights into what we lack in order to lay solid foundations."

- "Look back at what has been done well, in your company, your fellows from another company, the team, see what you have instilled within your cultures and organizations, what will be the fuel to move on and forward" - adds Nikolina.

To see all this in the employer branding sphere, this year at the Emple festival the research - State of EB Serbia will help. It shows where we are in this, as Nikolina says, coordinate system (confusion) and how the development of the profession is monitored over the years. At the Emple Festival on October 6 and 7, visitors will, among other things, have the opportunity to meet some of today's most quoted lecturers, such as Bryan Adams, Paige Elliott, Max Hunter.

If you go through the stated reasons once again, you will see what kind of impact events have on individuals. Professions are not changed there by some entities, but by individuals who work hard every day to change something.

If you also want to be part of the changes in the growing employer branding sphere, join this year's Empple festival. In case you want to hear the experiences of the participants of previous festivals, look for an answer among colleagues from the IT and HR industry by starting a discussion on the Joberty community.

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